Mindfulness Programs

MIndfulness in Schools

I deliver Mindfulness workshops to teachers, staff, pupils and students in nursery, primary, secondary and third-level education

Nice: National Institute for Health and Care Excellence recommends mindfulness training and reports that ”Mindfulness improves cognition, behaviour and socio-emotional functioning of primary and secondary students”.

  •  Mindfulness and resilience training for teachers and staff. Tailored courses to suit your individual needs ranging from 2 hours, half-and full-days

  • B mindfulness in schools programme for post-primary students aged 11-18 years. Duration 40 minutes – 1 hour over 8-10 weeks but also catering for the school’s budget and needs

  • Paws b mindfulness programme for primary school children aged 7-11 years. Duration: paws b is taught over 40 minutes – 1 hour sessions over 6 weeks, but also catering for the school’s budget and needs

  • MindBE mindfulness programme for nursery and primary school children aged 4-6 years. Duration MindBE is taught between 6 and 10 sessions for 30 minutes but also catering for the school’s budget and needs

  • Introduction to mindfulness for parents

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