Sorcha - Marketing Manager

Working in an intensive office environment requires a strong team who can deliver optimum performance consistently. As a sales manager, I recognise the importance of re-energising the team. Anne Costello’s Well-Being workshop created an opportunity for team building in a fun and relaxed environment.  Exposing the team to alternative stress reduction techniques and general health benefits delivered by an intuitive facilitator was most rewarding. As a consequence, my sales team have gained valuable life skills which can be applied in any situation.  As an employer, the benefits are endless and include better stress management and teamwork.

Paul - Management

Yoga is not something men of a certain age normally consider but I challenge anyone to give it a go. I find it is ideal to balance with running - my weekend activity - both to improve flexibility and strengthen the core. As a sportswoman herself, Anne is familiar with the demands from various sporting activities and tailors her classes to the needs of all attendees. She provides clear instruction on building stamina, strengthening and loosening the body and making muscles more supple. Like many, I spend too much time in front of a keyboard.  I find Anne's mixture of yoga, relaxation and mindfulness helps me to become energised, calmer and more focused.

Carmel - Healthcare Provider

Now that I have retired, I have time to focus on a better quality of life for myself, including tackling my life-long insomnia. With a busy working life, I have always had difficulty ‘switching off’. Anne is so knowledgeable, a wonderful communicator with sensitivity and empathy for everyone she comes in contact with. Her yoga classes are very relaxing and it is also a great physical workout. She has helped to focus on the here-and-now.

With Anne’s Mindfulness classes, I am learning a range of techniques such as concentrating on breathing to help me relax and switch off.

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